Too Fat? Too Thin? Stressed? Depressed? Can‘t Stop? Can’t Quit? Anxious? Fearful? In Pain?

Glen Trott

Glen Trott

Dip.Clin.Hyp. Dip. Couns. Master NLP

"I believe in treating the person, not the condition. So no matter what your ailment, if you believe hypnotherapy may help, I am happy to work with you.

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Hypnosis, a Powerful Tool!

Hypnotherapy has been the answer for many others…

Could hypnotherapy be the answer for you too? Glen at Inner Strategies Hypnotherapy Services has a strong history of helping clients overcome fears, phobias and obstacles such as quitting smoking or boosting confidence. Glen is available to consult on many problems you may have.By combining hypnotherapy, NLP, Age Regression Therapy and Reiki, Glen may be able to help you handle most of life’s obstacles such as improving your health and your relationships. It is especially fascinating that these techniques may help you change some things that medical science has not been able to do, such as boosting your confidence and motivation levels *.

* DISCLAIMER  Even though I have a high success rate with my clients, success cannot be 100% guaranteed as results can vary from individual to individual.

Hypnotherapy may assist with a number of conditions

Here are just a few of the more common ones treated at Inner Strategies Hypnotherapy Services: