My Mission

My mission is to assist you to gain control of your life. To help you remove all the limiting decisions that are blocking you from achieving your life’s goals. I use a holistic approach combining hypnotherapy, NLP and reiki techniques to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. Helping you to overcome those blocks that are giving you what you don’t want in life and preventing you from getting what you do want.

True happiness always comes from within you.

Everything in your life today – your health, your financial wealth, your material possessions, all the people in your life – cannot bring you happiness if you do not respect or even like yourself. I truly believe that low self esteem is why most people suffer from things like anger, depression, anxiety and stress which can lead to excessive drinking, smoking, drugs and bad habits, bad relationships etc.

I Know, I Was Like You Too

You may ask how I know these things. It’s really simple. That was my life until someone cared enough about me to take the time to teach me how to love and respect myself.

I am a Canadian, one of 13 children who grow up poor for many reasons. My parents were good hard working people but with so many children we were never taught the important things in life like self worth, self esteem, how to love and how to be loved, the value in been able to give and to receive a compliment, to feel good inside yourself knowing that you deserve it.

Learning difficulties at school made me rebellious and I was branded by the teachers as useless, lazy and stupid. I was told this so often that I ended up believing it myself. So I erected protective barriers around myself and created inner strategies to help me cope with the perceived rejection. As a result, I grew up an angry young man who could have ended up living a very different life to the one I have now.

I first got involved in meditation and relaxation therapies back in the early 1980’s, at a great place called the Relaxation Centre at Fortitude Valley in Brisbane. Then I joined a meditation group at Redcliffe and developed a keen interest in hypnosis. In 1989 I started charging for my services as a relaxation consultant and since then I have furthered my studies to create a holistic approach when helping others. From 2006 I furthered my education by attaining diplomas and certifications.

My Qualifications

Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy
Dip Counselling
Master NLP Practitioner
Results Coach
Reiki Practitioner.