Is all hypnotherapy the same?

Hypnotherapy is only the same in the sense that your subconscious mind is accessed to help you reach your goals. I personally utilise two types of hypnosis:

1) Direct Suggestion Hypnotherapy
2) Age Regression Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective form of therapy. Your subconscious mind stores your entire earliest emotional experiences, both positive and negative, and imprints them in your memory bank. These imprints create the core belief structure that you have in yourself. In other words these experiences determine how you feel and see yourself, consciously and more important subconsciously. These beliefs, along with the way that you process information, create the patterns in your world that you experience every day in your life.
We all have had the experience of seeing a “pattern” in our lives that we feel unable to change. Perhaps you have difficulty with establishing healthy relationships, repeated anxiety or procrastination. Perhaps you struggle with addictive behaviours, low self confidence or chronic health problems. The basis of all your “patterns” originates in your subconscious mind and the “perceptions” you have created based on your experiences. Working with your subconscious mind and modifying deep “negative” perceptions through hypnosis, allows you to break free of these old negative patterns and to create new positive, long-term change in yourself today.

1. Direct Suggestion Hypnotherapy

Direct Suggestion is the most common form of hypnotherapy today. It can create great results for weight loss and to help you to quit smoking for example. When using Direct Suggestion Hypnotherapy, a hypnotherapist guides an individual into a trance like state to bypass the conscious critical faculty of a person’s mind. When the critical faculty is bypassed, the hypnotherapist can then place properly worded, positive suggestions into the client’s subconscious mind. The subconscious perceptions are positively altered to create the changes that you, as a client, wants to make today in your life. This is a very powerful and effective tool for creating great changes with permanent results in your life,

2. Age Regression Hypnotherapy

Although Direct Suggestion Hypnotherapy is very effective, sometimes your problem will have subconscious blocks that must be properly identified and cleansed or removed before positive changes can occur. This is where Age Regression hypnotherapy can help tremendously.

How your problem evolved into what it is today is, kind of like building a house of bricks. The brick on the bottom is like, the very first situation or incidence that happened in your life (sometimes forgotten or unacknowledged) that has resulted in today’s problem. It was some situation, a thought or idea that happened in your past. All by itself, it didn’t amount to much at the time. However, given the right circumstances and enough reinforcement in subsequent days, months even years, it can build up creating a core belief structure in you that could manifest itself with different symptoms like compulsive eating, low self-esteem, insecurity, headaches, drug abuse, anxiety, panic attacks, chronic illnesses, etc.

While in a trance state using Age Regression Hypnotherapy, we can quickly find the root experience (the very first incidence) that may have contributed to creating your core belief structure today. We can then connect all the other major incidences that you experienced that have contributed to your problem, then thoroughly remove or cleanse them away. Removing these old feelings and perceptions will allow minimal to zero resistance for me, as a hypnotherapist, to plant new powerful, positive direct suggestions in your subconscious mind, thus creating long lasting and positive changes in many areas of your life today.