Can’t Sleep at Night? Restless Sleeper? Awaken Tired in the Morning?

Hypnotherapy can help with sleep disordersIt is important to find the cause of your insomnia…

Insomnia and sleep disorders can come about for several reasons. They may be due reactions to medication or to emotional disturbances which may result from unprocessed personal issues. Some people cannot get to sleep in the first place.

Others may wake up early and be unable to get back to sleep. People, who have disturbances in slow wave sleep, that is when you normally dream, can suffer profound physical and mental exhaustion.

It is important to find the cause of your insomnia instead of simply ignoring the problem by taking another sleeping pill.  Medical causes should be ruled out so it is advisable to check with your doctor as maybe your hormones are out of kilter and not functioning properly. If there is a physical cause for the insomnia then that must be treated first. Even if there is a physical cause, hypnotherapy might be able to help you to restore your natural ability to get a good night’s rest. You were not born with bad sleeping habits, you learnt how to do that along the way.

The Effects of Poor Quality Sleep

People with sleep problems can end up suffering very significant impairment to their lives, with poor daytime functioning and reduced well-being. Among the particular problems you might experience are: difficulty concentrating; poor memory; lack of interest in sex; difficulty coping with both major and minor problem situations; inability to accomplish needed tasks; reduced ability to fully enjoy social and family relations. In general, not getting proper rest leaves you tired, anxious and feeling emotionally unstable and may also lead to depression.

Why Sleeping Pills Are Not the Answer

Sleeping pills will put you to sleep but they also inhibit deep sleep and REM dreaming periods which seriously reduces the quality of sleep.

Furthermore, the body develops a tolerance to them, necessitating larger and larger doses, so they are an extremely unwise way to try to remedy the problem.

Restoring Natural Sleep with Hypnosis

Sleeping is a natural process. You aren’t supposed to “try” to fall asleep, you’re supposed to just do it. We are all born with a natural ability to fall asleep easily, so ending sleep challenges with hypnosis will be returning you to the more natural life that you were meant to experience.

Your body’s response of interfering with sleep patterns may have once been helpful and perhaps necessary in the past, however, it is neither necessary nor helpful to you now.

Through hypnosis you may be able to accomplish several important things.

You will come to have a better understanding of how and why that pattern was created in the first place. Your subconscious mind will release and let go of any negative thoughts and behaviours associated with your challenges.

Using hypnosis I can help you to create a new powerful, positive mindset; a new belief structure that it is safe for you to now sleep peacefully all night long *. The subconscious part of your mind will realize that the old behaviour of sleep deprivation is unnecessary. You will use a powerful, positive hypnotic technique to enable you to release any negative sleep conditioning and reclaim your natural ability to sleep comfortably and peacefully. You were born with the natural ability to sleep. Do you think it’s time to reclaim your birthright?

Wouldn’t you love to sleep on it?

* DISCLAIMER  Even though I have a high success rate with my clients, success cannot be 100% guaranteed as results can vary from individual to individual.