Would you like to Perform at your peak?….

Improve your sports performance with hypnosis

Learn to focus your mind to achieve your absolute best at your chosen sport

  • Overcome mental blocks
  • Practice with your mind
  • Develop strong competitive skills
  • Improve your performance without drugs
  • Learn to banish those negative thoughts

It’s Time to Start Training Your Mind

You already train your body. It’s time to start training your mind. Do you already have the skill and the talent, but you are lacking the confidence, the determination? You cannot relax when it matters?

Now with the use of hypnosis it may be possible to overcome all of the above and obtain results that count *. Stand out from the group, let other sports players and athletes know you are the main competition. How good would it feel to have everyone fear you and want to beat you?

Do you find that as a sports player or athlete you don’t have the confidence to push yourself to the limit? We all have the ability to achieve greatness, its unleashing that greatness inside us that we find hard. Professional athletes have this ability and can do so easily. Imagine turning up at your next event with maximum confidence and belief in yourself, it’s this confidence and belief that will push you to greater results. Turn up at your next competition already knowing you are the one to beat*!

Is Sports Hypnosis For Me?

You don’t have to be in the Olympics to benefit from Sports Hypnosis. Whether you are a professional sports player, an avid golfer, or just working off those holiday pounds, Sports Hypnosis may help you achieve any goal you set for yourself.

For many years hypnosis has being used by people to improve their performance in sports. Golf is probably the most popular in which people have applied hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques. It can also be used for many other individual and team sports, including, football, rugby, rowing, cricket, racing, boxing, martial arts, surfing, etc, even dancing. The list is endless.

Using hypnosis and NLP techniques for goal setting, stress and anxiety reduction and guided imagery you could soon be ahead of your game.*

* DISCLAIMER  Even though I have a high success rate with my clients, success cannot be 100% guaranteed as results can vary from individual to individual.