The Hypnosis Way to Quit Smoking

Why People Don’t Stop Smoking

Most people know that if they quit smoking they will save several thousand dollars a year. Most people know that if they stop smoking they could add years to their life. And most people know that if they quit smoking right now, they could save their health – before it’s too late.

So, why do people continue smoking? The answer is the same all over the world. It all comes down to one thing… FEAR.

  • Fear that you’ll have to give up your crutch or pleasure
  • Fear that you won’t be able to enjoy life or handle stress
  • Fear that you will put on weight
  • Fear that you’ll have to go through an awful trauma to get free
  • Fear that you’ll never get completely free of the craving

All of these fears are just examples of one overriding fear. The one simple reason that you have not committed to stop smoking is that you fear that quitting smoking is going to be too painful and too difficult!

The Hypnosis Way To Quit Smoking

My stop smoking technique uses traditional hypnotherapy techniques combined with the new science of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). This takes hypnosis to an even greater level of effectiveness which may assist clients to become happy non-smokers *.

When smokers try to quit smoking with methods other than hypnotherapy, they often feel that they are being deprived of a pleasure or a crutch. The beauty of hypnosis, and the way I use hypnosis for Quit Smoking in particular, is that hypnosis may remove this feeling of deprivation. It may remove the need and the desire to smoke.

I work on the underlying causes of the clients smoking problem. By using pattern interrupters,  I work on breaking the associations between smoking and daily or social habits such as drinking morning coffee or having a beer with friends.

* DISCLAIMER  Even though I have a high success rate with my clients, success cannot be 100% guaranteed as results can vary from individual to individual.